Party With Purpose


Chairman & founder

Scott Delea


Contact Information

P.O. Box 1045
Hoboken, NJ 07030



Charity run entirely by volunteers who produce unique, exciting fundraisers and donate the proceeds to charities in the local community.


We combine the best local social events with charitable causes to make a positive difference both here in our local community and abroad. To date, PWP has donated $650,000 and counting to help those in need through the generosity of volunteers, those attending events, and local sponsorships & donations. Learn more about the PWP Events that continue to improve the lives of people near and far.


Looking to meet some great people and become a part of one of the fastest growing charities in the NYC area? Get involved in Party With Purpose, which brings together successful professionals to accomplish incredible things while having an amazing time. Contact us at to learn more about our volunteer meetings and event planning in progress.